To serve and Assist.
To serve and Assist..

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General Information:

  • * The West Corp DPD is funded through people just like you, each and every donation counts, we also receive great support from fund raising, community events, or sponsors such as Capana's, and Frank Bee's Carnival.

  • * West Corp DPD's mission statement is “To provide a national resource for the enhancement and promotion of crime prevention & Disaster Relief, and Legal assistance empowerment.”

  • * West Corp DPD will offer training, resources, conference opportunities, and information-sharing outlets for the practitioner, community's, and members.

  • * This will help programs grow and expand and educate the practitioner & Members about emerging trends in the crime prevention, Disaster relief field.


  • - Training at the regional and national levels - Networking
  • - Ability to network across the country - Networking
  • - Access to publications and crime prevention materials - web based
  • - Access to publications and Disaster relief materials - web based
  • - A training conference geared toward crime prevention, Disaster relief programs - Networking
  • - Ability to access crime prevention, Disaster Relief training online - web based
  • - Networking opportunities.
  • - Certification, and membership perks, and Benefits.
  • - A website for members (Free)
  • - Crime prevention, Neighborhood watch program Coordinating, and Assistance.
  • - Disaster Relief materials and training for campus, private security, and military veterans - web based
  • - Self awareness and gratification of helping others, and assisting local, National, and Domestic Emergency's.
  • - Become a Volunteer Chaplain Practitioner, Devoting yourself to others in the community in the practice of       providing, administering, or promoting justice and Public safety.
  •     a.) Practitioners are qualified or registered, to practice a particular Occupation, profession, Religion,     or Religious service.
  • - Spiritual enrichment, and growth, learning to become a true watchman, Chaplain, and disciple of God.
  • - Becoming a member of the Clergy, and living a life of faith  to serve others as a good Samaritan practitioner


WestCorpDPD - Membership:

  •             Contact us for more information about becoming a member of the West Corp DPD.
  •          Phone: (203) 864-7813          /          Fax: (203) 900-0240
  •          E-mail: [email protected]
  •             Additional Contact(s)[email protected]  ~or~  [email protected]
  •             Legal Address: 89 Connecticut Ave, Stamford CT 06902 (Chief Officer: Juan Suarez)
  •             Mailing Address: 129 S 4TH Ave, Apt 4C, Mt Vernon NY 10550 (Vice President: Louis Toglia)

Night Guard, Security Officer, Neighborhood Watchman, or other form of Volunteer First Responder?
Than you may qualify to become a Proud Member of the NFRA.
Join Here Now - be a part of the National First Response Association..

Top WestCorpDPD Members:

Chief Officer: Juan Suarez

Vice President: Louis Toglia

C/O Vice President: Chapman Payne

Chaplain Officer: Louis Toglia Sr

Chaplain Defender: Olga Toglia

Environmental Chaplain, and -

Secretary: Melissa Valentine-Toglia

Program Coordinator: John Foley

Associate Members:

Head Pastor: Theresa Nosches

VP Yonkers Pastor: Maribel Robless

Social Worker: Lupita Mendoza

EMS Phasician Asst : Wanda Uribe

Volunteer K-9 Chaplain: Gilbert Toglia

Volunteer Chaplain: Jada RossToglia

NFRA Member: Dylan Ross

NFRA Member: German Aquino

NFRA Member: James Avila

NFRA Member: Ziad Jaber

NFRA Member: Sophia D. Argote

NFRA Member: Khader Jaber

Domestic Relations: Carlos Juan Oliva

Affiliate Member: Destiny Valentine

Affiliate Member: Damian Frazer

Design Specialist: Ronnie C.